Powerfully illuminating unprecedented and highly specific disease insights

While precision immunology set out to refine new targets for cancer immunotherapy, its broader applications extend to combatting autoimmune disease, viral, and bacterial infections. Our aiSPIRE (AI for Screening and Profiling Immune Reactivity) platform screens billions of antibody-target interactions, including autoantigens, allergens, viruses and more, while concurrently applying advanced data analytic methods to comprehensively reveal the history of immune responses in each patient. We combine this proprietary data with deep patient-specific clinical findings and private and public ‘omics data to develop a better understanding of the biology of a disease, identify disease-driving pathways, and meaningfully segment patient populations to discover novel clinical targets and predict personalized routes of disease progression.

Immune System Exposure

Optimized screening of billions of peptide-antibody interactions

Segment Patient Subgroups &
Identify Pathways

Uses AI/ML to analyze and stratify massive patient datasets


Leverages predictive insights and unbiased methods to create precision therapeutics

aiSPIRE’s Advantages

Unbiased Detection of Existing Responses
Our unique approach performs a comprehensive, proteomic analysis that can be used to define interactions between an individual’s antibody repertoire and peptides present in customized libraries of interest. This technology allows unambiguous identification of antibody targets.

  • New disease mechanisms
  • New patient endotypes
  • Response/non-response patterns
  • Disease onset/progression predictions

Unparalleled Speed and Breadth
Not only is our approach disease agnostic but our customized libraries are modular, and our assays are scalable, allowing us to handle large quantities of patient samples with ease. Our high-throughput platform enables a rapid turnaround from sample input to data analysis results, allowing us to look broadly across multiple therapeutic areas.

Sample Flexibility
Our platform analyzes low volumes of multiple biological sample types that can be fresh or frozen. This sample sourcing flexibility enables us to survey broader patient populations to identify new targets and develop both broadly acting drugs and drugs that are highly selective for specific patient subsets.