Our Scientific Approach

ImmuneID Platform

Our proprietary platform is designed to:

  • Profile antibodies against autoantigens, allergens, viruses, and more
  • Analyze low volumes of multiple sample types, including a single drop of blood
  • Offer customized library design for new target discovery
  • Map epitopes at the resolution of a single amino acid
  • Identify protective, public, diagnostic, or biomarker epitopes
  • Detect antibody targets rapidly and cost-effectively at large-scale
  • Yield unbiased novel insights into disease drivers

ImmuneID Platform Advantages

Unbiased detection of existing responses

Our unique approach performs a comprehensive and unbiased proteomic analysis that can be used to define interactions between an individual’s antibody repertoire and peptides present in customized libraries of interest. This technology allows unambiguous identification of antibody targets.

Unparalleled Speed

The platform enables a rapid turnaround from sample input to data analysis results. Currently designed at a 96-well plate format, each user can run ~500 samples a week. This allows us to look broadly across multiple therapeutic areas.

Sample Flexibility

Our platform requires small volumes of biological fluids (i.e., serum, plasma, or saliva) that can be fresh or frozen. This sample sourcing flexibility provides us the opportunity to survey broader patient populations, to identify new targets and to develop both broadly-acting drugs as well as drugs that are high selective for specific patient subsets.